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Tooth sensitivity problems are all too common these days. Many people who experience discomfort when consuming hot, cold, sweet, or acidic things will turn to using a specially formulated tooth sensitivity toothpaste. Along with diet modification, this can often provide significant, yet temporary, relief of tooth sensitivity symptoms.

Unfortunately, this could be masking a long-term problem as it develops. To prevent serious complications, Dr. Forrest S. Buhler & Cameron S. Buhler and the dental specialists at their Spanish Fork, Utah, clinic always advocate professional diagnosis of tooth sensitivity.

The natural bacteria in your mouth and the regular consumption of acidic foods and beverages can cause enamel erosion. This essentially erodes the mineral density of the tooth enamel, creating microscopic channels to the sensitive dentin layer of a tooth. This is often one of the more common causes of tooth sensitivity.

For teeth in this condition, Dr. Forrest S. Buhler & Cameron S. Buhler can administer a simple fluoride treatment or prescribe fluoride supplements to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Undetected or untreated cavities can compromise multiple teeth and thus expose the sensitive dentin of multiple teeth. This is usually associated with a change in texture and increased sensitivity in one or more teeth. It’s a good idea to have Dr. Forrest S. Buhler & Cameron S. Buhler repair the cavities before the decay penetrates the pulp or root of the tooth.

Something as obscure as a chronic sinus infection can sometimes cause tooth sensitivity. The undue pressure in the sinuses can apply significant pressure to the key nerves that relate to your teeth. A key symptom of this would be if the sensitivity is limited to just your upper teeth. Your physician can help explore your treatment options, which might include taking a prescription decongestant that can relieve the pressure on the nerves.

If you have been struggling with tooth sensitivity issues and you live in the Spanish Fork, Utah, area, you should call (801) 794-9905 to seek professional treatment at Buhler Dental Care.