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When you go to the dentist for a cleaning, you may be amazed at how well our dental hygienist can floss your teeth. Do you ever wish you could do it that way? Well, you can! Just follow these easy steps:

First, break off 18 inches of floss and wind each end around each one of your middle fingers. Then hold the floss tightly between your thumb and forefingers on each end. This will allow you to have a steady grip. Guide the floss between your teeth using a gentle scraping motion along each side of the crevice. Be particularly careful along the gumline. If you look closely at your teeth, you’ll notice a small upside-down V of gum tissue at the bottom point of each tooth crevice. You’ll want to make sure to guide the floss along both sides of this v, curving it into a C shape. Then lift it carefully out of the crevice. Repeat the same process with the next tooth. You’ll want to use a different section of the floss to avoid contaminating the other crevices. Don’t forget the backside of your last tooth.

If you don’t do this perfectly your first time, don’t fret. Perfecting the art of flossing takes practice. Soon you’ll be flossing like a pro. If you have any questions or are ready for a dental checkup, you can call Buhler Dental Care at (801) 794-9905. Dr. Forrest S. Buhler & Cameron S. Buhler and our expert dental team would be happy to give you some in-person pointers on your flossing skills in Spanish Fork, Utah. Come and visit us soon!