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Dental erosion is a common oral health disorder in which harmful acids have damaged your tooth enamel. Although brushing and flossing your teeth daily are efficient methods for keeping your mouth spotless, the foods and drinks you consume can cause dental erosion long before cleaning treatments can be offered. This can potentially lead to pulp infection and tooth loss. Here are some common contributing factors of dental erosion:

– Harmful acid is the main source of dental erosion. It’s often originated by highly acidic foods and sugary foods which get transformed into acids by plaque in your mouth.
– Two main contributors to dental erosion are acid reflux disorders and heartburn, both characterized by rising acids from the stomach traveling up the esophagus into the mouth.
– Candies which are extremely sour tend to be highly corrosive and are notorious causes of dental erosion.
– Foods with low pH levels are highly acidic and known factors that contribute to dental erosion.
– You can decrease your risk of dental erosion by avoiding products that linger in your mouth long after eating them. This includes sticky treats and chewy snacks.

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