All the Facts on Teeth Whitening

You probably know that having a white smile is something most Americans want. With that in mind, are you happy with the color of your smile? If you aren’t, you probably know that getting a professional teeth whitening treatment is an option you should consider. However, did you know that there are a number of… Read more »

Root Resorption in Adults: What to Do

When your little one’s teeth fall out, they actually go through a process known as resorption. During this process, the roots of your child’s teeth will be reabsorbed into the gums, which allow the teeth to fall out. However, adults could also have resorption, which could lead to a number of problems. Fortunately, there are… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy: What to Eat After

Have you heard that root canal therapy can save a tooth with a damaged center? If you decide avoid root canal therapy, the damaged tooth could eventually die and even fall out. Once you have root canal therapy, how should you continue to care for your teeth? More specifically, do you know what you should… Read more »

A Plan for Your Smile in Case of Disaster

It’s smart to have a safety plan if there’s a natural disaster, right? Right. It’s also smart to have a plan if a disaster happens to your smile. If you have a plan, you will be more prepared and you’ll feel less scared and less stressed. To help you create the perfect dental disaster plan… Read more »

Avoid These 5 Treats for a Healthy Halloween

If you want a smile-healthy Halloween in , , then our team recommends keeping up on oral hygiene, visiting your dentist for a checkup, and avoiding these five Halloween treats: No. 1: Gummy Bears: A typical serving of gummy bears is about 20 bears, which contains about 30 grams of sugar. This is like eating… Read more »

Loose Dentures? We Can Help!

As you probably know, dentures are usually thought of as a restoration option for the elderly. For this reason, most people don’t usually think of dentures as an option for replacing missing teeth. However, would you be surprised to learn that dentures can actually be extremely useful for anyone who is missing teeth—regardless of their… Read more »

Insights on the Process of Installing Dental Veneers

For many people, having a white and appealing smile, gives them the extra boost of self-confidence they need to success in life and business. If you’re smile is less than its best because of stains, chips or old dental work, Dr. offers several cosmetic dentistry options. One of the more popular and effective options for… Read more »

What Happens to Your Teeth When you Bite Your Nails

Bad habits such as not making the bed, or leaving your laundry on the floor are can annoy some people, but fortunately aren’t detrimental to your health. On the other hand, would you be surprised to learn that nail biting can lead to problems with your teeth and lead to other issues? You see, nails… Read more »

A Crown Can Address Several Different Dental Issues

While the enamel layer on each of your teeth is very strong and durable, it is still not impervious to problems caused by tooth decay. At the same time, things like a blow to the face, grinding your teeth at night, or a hard fall can actually impart enough force to chip, crack, or fracture… Read more »

What to Do About a Deeply Cracked Tooth

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is composed of a dense structure of microscopic mineral crystals, which gives your teeth their strength and durability. At the same time, it’s still not unheard-of for a hard fall, a blow to the face or a sports injury to crack a tooth. Once the initial trauma… Read more »