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Your best smile often consists of eating the most nutritious and well-balanced meals. However, you may find yourself often consuming substances that can be hazardous to your oral health. Furthermore, you can be using your teeth in ways for which they are not intended, which can lead to severe dental damage.
Make sure that you’re always eating healthy foods throughout your life. Even a steady downturn in your diet can lead to oral health ailments in numerous ways. Not only should you be cautious with products that can easily chip and crack your teeth, but you should also avoid substances that can promote tooth decay and gum disease. This includes products that are high in sugar, such as sports drinks, juice and soda.

When sugars are present in your mouth, harmful plaque and bacteria can convert them into acids that will eat through your tooth enamel. Along a similar vein, sticky and chewy sweets such as gummy candies can linger in your mouth long after eating them, thus prolonging the time sugar and acids are in contact with your tooth enamel. Similarly, it can help speed up tooth decay due to the fact they can also be broken down into acids. Furthermore, never open any kind of product packagings such as bottle caps or plastic packages with your teeth, as they can easily damage your teeth and gums.

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