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There are unfortunate times when even the most effective oral hygiene routine still can’t prevent a cavity from developing on one of your teeth. Fortunately, your routine dental checkups will catch any early signs of tooth decay to develop an effective treatment plan.

With early detection our dentist might be able to treat a minor case of tooth decay by installing a dental filling. The treatment can usually be performed at a second outpatient appointment.

The process involves Dr. Forrest S. Buhler & Cameron S. Buhler numbing the affected tooth and local gum tissues. Once you are comfortable they will carefully remove all areas of decayed tooth enamel. Once the bacterial presence has been eliminated they will prepare the dental filling material.

Composite dental fillings are created from a special type of dental resin which can be shaded to match the appearance of the surrounding tooth enamel. It is often the preferred choice for treating an area that will appear when you smile.

If necessary, our dentist might also recommend preventive treatments to help reduce your chances of suffering future cavities or provide you with tips to maximize your daily oral hygiene routine.

If you live in the Spanish Fork, Utah, area and you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your teeth, you should call (801) 794-9905 to schedule a dental checkup at Buhler Dental Care.